Our story

In May 2010, the baby Laura was born prematurely in a hospital in Curitiba / PR. She survived for 18 days in the neonatal ICU and did not resist sepsis, a disease that kills more than 100,000 Brazilians each year. Driven by the pain of the loss of the daughter and also by the promise of helping to reduce these numbers, the systems architect Jacson Fressato created the first cognitive robot risk manager in the world. Promise fulfilled: Robot Laura already saves one life a day and currently operates in five hospitals. The software reads patients' information and issues alerts that are sent every 3.8 seconds to the medical staff in order to signal patients with risks of generalized infection and to warn in advance other cases of deterioration.

Jac Fressatto

Founder and CEO of LAURA, Artificial Intelligence platform, is a systems architect, focused on the development of data analitycs, Machine Learning, micro-services and autonomous technologies using agile management methodologies and organizations exponents (ExpO). He became a specialist in corporate security working in large companies such as IBM and Volvo where he was responsible for more than USD 18 million of savings in systemic fraud. He founded two technology companies and one for corporate research consulting. A father with a daring goal: to positively impact 1 billion lives.

Cristian Rocha

Co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of LAURA, expert in Artificial Intelligence for high-impact projects. Computer Scientist at UFPR and Monash University (Australia). Master in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Vision by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Social activist; created and participated in actions that impacted thousands of people, from food collection to the promotion of entrepreneurship in needy areas. His main motivation is to develop technologies to empower people and save lives.