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Primary Health Care

Increase the care capacity of your doctors and nurses with the help of artificial intelligence. A virtual assistant that monitors the patient’s journey in a comprehensive way, avoiding the waste of resources and allowing the patient’s self-care.

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Epidemiological Profile

Count on technology for faster and broader action in epidemiological mapping.

Through simple questions and robust statistical methods, we map the profile of your portfolio/population. All information is gathered in a Dashboard, with the main incidents for decision making, all in real time.

Laura Care Coordination

Offer personalized care lines for your wallet! Care coordination lines are designed according to your operator’s needs and protocols and based on the mapped epidemiological profile.

Laura gets in touch via WhatsApp with patients and beneficiaries who are inserted in the lines of care.

All receive a link to a follow-up questionnaire according to the lines of care where they are included.

The operator’s assistance team will monitor the entire patient journey through the care line monitoring center and, if an alert is identified, the health team can assist the patient through chat or teleconsultation.

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